Helpdesk gives round-the-clock service

Dec 09, 2005
Cimcorp Headquarters

Cimcorp’s permanent call-out team provides 24-hour service to contractual customers.

A call-out agreement tailored to the customer’s needs guarantees that Cimcorp customers receive the assistance they need just when they need it most. If desired, the HelpDesk is on call around the clock seven days a week, but more limited agreements are possible.
The advantages of the agreement are obvious. Customers will save themselves from annoying stoppages and needless production losses. There is no need to train specialist personnel in operating automation systems either. As well as rapid assistance, the agreement offers the customer the latest know-how in the field and the best technical solutions.

Earlier the software designers for each customer project were on call for Cimcorp customer service. With the creation of the HelpDesk, these duties have been transferred to a five-man call-out team who are experts in swift troubleshooting.

All the members of the permanent call-out team are highly-trained software experts, with plenty of experience of Cimcorp systems. The induction training of the call-out engineer also includes a customer-specific briefing, where the engineer is given thorough and detailed information about the contractual customer’s system and its operational history.


Four steps

Although the team only has five members, the HelpDesk can use the know-how of the whole Cimcorp organization. So the man who answers the phone does not have to be able to solve all the problems on his own. His most vital task is more to define the problem and set the problem-solving process in motion as quickly as possible.

Problem-solving can be divided into four phases. In the simplest case, the customer calls the HelpDesk number and the call-out engineer solves the situation quickly via the remote drive link. If this does not work, he then contacts the project specialist, in other words, the person who designed the relevant part of the customer’s equipment. If the problem remains unsolved at this stage, Cimcorp’s special experts are drafted in. If the fourth phase is reached, it means that one or more parts of the equipment have broken down. In that case, the call-out engineer would send a specialist out to the customer, to carry out the necessary corrective and maintenance measures on site.

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