Multipick is the cornerstone of mail sorting

A couple of years ago Itella invested in the automation of its sorting centers. New sorting centers were built in Kuopio and Oulu and the Tampere and Helsinki centers were refurbished. Within a few years Cimcorp’s MultiPicks have taken their place as a cornerstone of modern optimized mail sorting.

Project details

  • Automation of the sorting centers
  • Improvements in both the ergonomics of the work and process controllability
  • 100% traceability
  • 24/7 support

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MultiPick is the cornerstone of mail sorting

“The Cimcorp robot system has allowed us to improve our cost efficiency and respond to changes in volumes better.”

Reijo Mononen, Development Manager, Itella

POSTI Postal, Cimcorp MultiPick

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