Lights-out picking at Finland’s largest dairy

Valio – nowadays the largest dairy products company in Finland – was established in 1905 to help boost the export of Finnish butter. At that time no one would have believed that in the space of 100 years of operation, 200 million kg of products would be order picked by robot. Currently the Valio product portfolio includes about 750 chilled products, a third of which are picked using the Cimcorp MultiPick robot system. Besides the robots, the WCS system in particular has received a lot of praise, as it enables the monitoring of real-time operations in all the warehouses, including those where order picking is still largely carried out manually.

Project Details

  • Minimized order picking errors
  • Timeliest packing possible according to actual demand
  • Cimcorp's WCS Software
  • Monitoring customer orders and production volumes
  • Continuous Cooperation

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Lights-out picking at Finland's largest dairy

“About 450 million kg of products go through the main warehouses in Riihimäki and Jyväskylä and about half of the volumes are picked by Cimcorp gantry robots.”

Heli Helminen, Warehouse Operations Manager at Valio

Valio Cimcorp

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