Internship and thesis work opportunities

Working together with universities and schools is a nourishing partnership. We appreciate students having a wealth of knowledge, talent and more importantly fresh new ideas. Cimcorp is a well-known brand and can provide expertise and the facilities for these ideas to flourish. Over the years, we have worked with many different schools, universities and student organizations in different contexts.
Let's join our forces!

Internship and thesis work opportunities at Cimcorp 

In 2019 we had more or less 40 interns working with us in different positions varying in engineering, assembly and administration.

Main collaboration fields

  • Internships
  • Joint projects
  • Thesis works
  • Inputs to the curriculums
  • Robotics Academy (A network of local schools and companies)
  • Co-operations with comprehensive schools

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Thesis ideas for 2020

  • Control center power supply configuration tools
  • Floor mounts
  • Development of camera technology for orientation devices
  • Digitization of commissioning inspections and measurements
  • Software testing
  • Your own idea

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