Development work in the manufacture of LCD displays

Oct 28, 2004
Cimcorp Headquarters

Cimcorp has started a research and development project for a glass substrate robot to be used in the manufacture of LCD displays.

The handling and moving of seventh-generation 2200-mm-long and 1870-mm-wide, thin glass substrates at high speed is a real challenge. It is made even more challenging by the requirements set for cleanliness class 10 (FED STD 209 E).

Cimcorp aims to develop a device that is light in structure, fast, reliable and maintenance-free at a competitive price. Particular attention must be paid to the lightness of the device: the objective of the project is to investigate possible lightweight structures ­ for example the use of carbon fibre composites and honeycomb structures in the robot under development.

The idea of the prototype is based on a modular construction. Handling capacity will be increased with special 'sandwich'-style grippers, which allow the handling of two substrates simultaneously. The device should have a repeatability accuracy of at least +/- 0.5 mm.

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