Pick a flavor, any flavor

French apricot jam, local Finnish honey, cough drops and wholegrain crispbread: a roll container is being filled with groceries that will be shipped to anywhere in Finland within two days after receipt of order. The picking system at the Tuko Logistics Cooperative handles thousands of SKUs.

Tuko Logistics

• Serves 40 wholesale stores, 1,000 grocery stores, 5,000 institutional kitchens daily.
• Product selection includes some 28,000 products.
• Imports foodstuffs, vegetables and fruit, detergents and other articles from the international market.
• Terminal and distribution network covers all of Finland.

Project details

  • Automated goods-to-person picking based on Cimcorp 3D Shuttle
  • Automated roll container handling
  • Real-time handling and monitoring of product
  • Monitoring of product date information for complete traceability
  • Highbay pallet storage and automated storage
  • References 7,000 individual SKUs
  • Storage inventory size 50,000 plastic totes
  • Picking capacity up to 2,000 picks/h to roll containers

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Pick a flavor, any flavor

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“The Cimcorp 3D Shuttle enables us to retrieve any one tote in floor-based storage efficiently and without delay.”

Miikka Heiskanen, Development Manager at Tuko Logistics

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