From aviation to automation

With a keen interest in flying since she was young, Carolyn has always had her eyes in the sky. Her interest stems from her mother, who shared her own passion for flying by taking Carolyn to aviation museums and on flights in small airplanes. At the age of 16, on a scholarship through a program called “Air Cadets,” Carolyn received her pilot’s license – even before she earned her driver’s license.

“I felt really accomplished when I passed my flight test because getting my license was probably one of the most challenging and nerve-wracking things that I’ve ever done.”

Later, Carolyn completed her Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University. After graduation, Carolyn took on the role of Engineering Associate at the Honda Canada Factory. Given her degree and background, it was easy for her to apply her knowledge of mechanics and aerospace to the booming automotive industry.

“At an automotive assembly plant, engineering is much more focused on automation, as opposed to research and development. Therefore, I was able to learn a lot of technical details about automation while developing my project management skills.”

After transitioning into a more engineering-focused position at Honda, Carolyn quickly discovered that she missed the project management aspect of her previous role. She then applied to Cimcorp to continue her career in project management.

Communication is key

Day-to-day, Carolyn deals with all aspects of post-commissioning support on projects. This includes quotations and sales, project management, execution and wrap-up. She also works closely with the HelpDesk team to resolve customer issues and travels to customer sites to provide training for maintenance teams. As this role requires constant interaction with customers, colleagues and other stakeholders, Carolyn is able to develop key relationships with individuals outside of her own department.

“Those relationships are important because I rely on my colleagues to ensure my projects run smoothly. If I can help others do their job effectively, then those people will be able to help me as well. I think that kind of synergy is a really important part of project management and business overall.”

Carolyn, Project Coordinator

Grow, flow and glow

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