Bigger projects and new opportunities for the returnee

After graduating as an electrical engineer, Cimcorp was Eero’s first workplace. He worked for us for nearly five years and came to know our way of doing things, as well as our systems. When Eero left to work for another company, he soon realized that not only do we have many things well covered, we have the potential to develop every-day work.

Top tools and team spirit

A lot of electrical design work is done at your own computer. As in many jobs, the proper tools have a big significance in determining work wellbeing. "At Cimcorp, we have first-class design software, computers, and other tools at our disposal. Having used different kinds, I now realize how important this is."

Even more important than concrete tools, the most important factor in Eero’s return to Cimcorp was the amazing work atmosphere we have.

"The company is growing and we are all very busy, yet we have managed to maintain a casual, open, and pleasant work climate. There is always room for humor and light banter, even if everything does not go exactly as planned. And even though there are more and more of us, the hierarchy has remained low and everyone, regardless of rank and position, is approachable."

Development in processes and projects

Eero worked outside Cimcorp for a year and a half, and even if the atmosphere didn’t change during that time, other things did.

"We are now using a new, corporate-wide ERP, which has changed our day-to-day work, and we are still adapting to it. Simultaneously Cimcorp has continued to grow, leading to larger and more complex customer projects. These things have guaranteed that even though I returned to the same position, the work itself is different."

The new ERP develops internal processes, which is essential to keep up with the demands required by our global customers, partners and operations. The bigger and more challenging projects bring about many new aspects to the job.

"My work is never completely independent of other functions. We deliver large, factory-wide systems so there is always a lot to consider, for example the large number of interfaces our solutions have with other systems. Even if we design one robot cell at a time, it is important to understand the big picture so that all the parts support it. Virtual simulation of the future factory helps with this a lot."

Electrical internationality

For the most part, electrical engineering is carried out at the office, so compared to other functions at Cimcorp, traveling for work has been minimal. This doesn’t mean that the global aspects of the projects haven’t influenced Eero’s and his colleagues’ work.

"Electrical standards vary between countries, so it is important to know about these different standards. They are the basis for the design work. And, as you might guess, we need English in our work daily."

Larger projects may even take Eero to the installation sites to support site management with the electrical installation supervision.

"I see many positive opportunities in the future. Product development adds new aspects to our work, and I get to develop and challenge myself. It’s good to be back."

Eero, Electrical engineer

Grow, flow and glow

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