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Our Online Flow Magazine provides articles and customer interviews together with blog posts about distribution and tire industry.

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Fully automated handling for tire manufacture


Fully automated handling for tire manufacturing, Dream Factory.

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White papers

Today, a growing number of organizations are turning to automation and robotics to improve their operations and cut costs.
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Warehouse and distribution solutions

Warehouse and distribution

Solutions in robotic picking automation.

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Flow 1/2017

Cimcorp Flow Magazines

Read our latest Flow and earlier versions of Pick magazine.

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Cimcorp's Success Services

Success Services

Offering for robotic picking automation services.

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Cimcorp offers exciting career opportunities. Read more what we are like.

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Cimcorp Case studies

Case studies

Each case study tells a story of a customer, describes their problem and how we provided a solution. Download a case study and learn more about the results and benefits.
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