Ensure maximum
system uptime

Reliable and long-lasting customer support for our customers guarantees maximum system uptime. We are committed to providing high-quality support precisely where and when it is required. Whether you choose to outsource your maintenance or provide it in-house, we will carefully tailor the support services to suit your every need.

For ongoing projects we train staff, including managers of the production and logistics operations, operators, maintenance staff and IT/software support staff. The training will be held in a classroom environment as well as on-site and hands-on with your system. This way your personnel can get their first touch of the system during a test run at our site.

A connection 24/7 to Cimcorp

Even the best designed and maintained equipment can experience periods of reduced performance or even unexpected breakdown.  When a malfunction occurs, Cimcorp appreciates that time is of the essence and rapid recovery and repair is critical.

From a 24/7 help desk and remote diagnosis to expedited part replenishment and technician dispatch, we work hand in hand with our customers to accelerate repair and revive systems to full operation as quickly as possible.

System support means a comprehensive support package tailored to the customer's needs including e.g. a call-out service. It ensures customer advice and support by phone over agreed periods of time.

Emergency duty 24/7 covers

  • Control systems
  • Application software
  • Troubleshooting via remote connection
  • Periodic system checks
  • Development and improvement proposals
  • Mechanics/electronics
  • Troubleshooting on site if needed

System Planning by Cimcorp24/7 Connection to Cimcorp Customer Support

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