Trust. Competence. Availability.

These are the key assets of any supplier, according to the maintenance team at Continental’s tire plant in Aachen, Germany, and Cimcorp delivers all three.

Dietmar Jobes has a challenging job: as a Maintenance Manager at Continental Aachen, he is responsible for the technical availability of all the tire factory’s production machinery and handling systems, from the tire curing process to the finished tire warehouse. This means that he and his department of 60 staff – mechanical, electrical and software engineers and fitters – must continuously review the condition and analyze the performance of some 400 machines. Among them are 15 handling robots supplied by Cimcorp for the plant’s final finishing area buffer, palletizing buffer and rickrack palletizing area.


Cimcorp's installations at Continental Aachen

FINAL FINISHING AREA BUFFER for the sorting of PCR tires arriving from the visual inspection area and going to the uniformity measuring machines.

PALLETIZING BUFFER for the sorting of PCR tires arriving from the uniformity measuring machines, and robots for the rick-rack palletization of finished tires.

CIMCORP'S WCS (Warehouse Control System) for controlling the flow and storage.

Project details

  • 24/7 hotline service agreement
  • An extensive retrofitting of the final finishing area buffer

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Continental Retrofit Case

“The most important factors in terms of co-operation with a supplier are trust, competence and availability.”

Dietmar Jobes, Maintenance Manager at Continental Aachen


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