Millions of liters of success

The Finnish brewery Olvi in Iisalmi produces around 160 million liters of beverages a year, mainly for the domestic market. Last summer, a new high-bay warehouse with over 13,000 pallet places plus automation systems was brought on stream, raising the storage and delivery capacity of the traditional brewery and lowering costs.

Total warehouse automation for Olvi brewery

  • High-bay warehouse with 13,800 pallet positions and six automatic stacker cranes
  • Automatic order picking system for full plastic crates, trays and dollies based on Cimcorp’s MultiPick robots
  • Voice picking system for products that are not suitable for automatic picking
  • Pallet and stack conveyor systems
  • Warehouse Control System (WCS) for controlling of all transportation, warehousing and order picking operations, from the production to the shipping docks.

Olvi Brewery Cimcorp

"The systems have allowed us to automate the supply chain. Cimcorp's WCS works seamlessly with our sales system."

Timo Hortling, Development Manager, Olvi Brewery

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Millions of liters of success

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