RMT Robotics Ltd. changes name to Cimcorp Automation Ltd.

Cimcorp North America

Effective January 1, 2015, Cimcorp’s North American subsidiary RMT Robotics Ltd. will become Cimcorp Automation Ltd.

RMT Robotics joined the Cimcorp Group in 2010, extending Cimcorp Oy’s reach into North America. Since then, Cimcorp and RMT have worked side-by-side to provide comprehensive material handling and automation solutions for manufacturers and warehouses around the world. In the next exciting stage for the two companies, Cimcorp and RMT will create a united front as one brand, Cimcorp. 

Going forward, the companies will use their combined resources—drawing on each entity’s individual strengths—to ramp up collaborative R&D initiatives and continue software development that will further innovation. 

Even though Cimcorp was acquired by Japan-based Murata Machinery, Ltd. (Muratec) in 2014, both Muratec and Cimcorp—including its North American subsidiary—will continue business operations with no change to their current strategies. 

Cimcorp Group looks forward to providing its current and future customers with automated materials handling solutions that will enable them to not only succeed in their respective industries, but establish themselves as true innovation leaders

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