Olvi logistics more effective thanks to Cimcorp high-bay warehouse and dispatch system

Cimcorp Headquarters

Automation systems for a brand-new warehouse with over 13,000 pallet places brought an stream in Iisalmi

Producing 160 million liters of beer, cider, mineral water and soft drinks a year at its Iisalmi plant, Olvi plc boosted the efficiency of its operations in spring 2014 by implementing a high-bay warehouse and automation systems. The beverage plant, which has witnessed systematic growth in production over recent years, had a clear need for increased warehouse capacity. “We had to rent premises outside the brewery site, which incurred costs and made our operations more difficult. These were perhaps the main reasons why we embarked upon the warehouse investment. Traditional open floor storage did not make sense due to the diversity of the packages and the poor stackability of the pallets,” says Timo Hortling, development manager at Olvi plc.

Cimcorp’s scope of supply included a total of six MultiPick robots with three frames, pallet and stack conveyors, a 13,800 pallet-place high-bay warehouse with six stacker cranes, as well as a voice picking system and Warehouse Control System (WCS) system. The warehouse, which is 30 meters high at the ridge and has over 3000 square meters of floor space, became operational in time for the summer season. “The project was a great success and the system worked smoothly from the outset” states Hortling.

Cimcorp’s WCS warehouse management system handles all the logistics at the Iisalmi distribution center. The control system covers all the different storage and order-picking areas, and manages the material flows from arrival at the warehouse to the loading docks. Automation has enabled a rise in stock balance monitoring accuracy, increased efficiency, and minimized the number of errors. “The systems have also allowed us to automate the supply chain. Cimcorp’s WCS works seamlessly with our order system,” says Hortling.

Hortling praises Cimcorp for the way they implemented the multi-faceted project: “It’s great to work with the kind of partner that has met all the demands set by this kind of complex project. When a construction project is undertaken in the middle of a working plant, you have to know how to avoid disruption to the normal daily work of the brewery.”

Cimcorp Highbay warehouse Olvi Timo Hortling

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