Murata Machinery, Ltd. has acquired Cimcorp Group

Cimcorp Headquarters

On 30 October, Murata Machinery, Ltd. of Kyoto, Japan (hereinafter Muratec) acquired all of the issued stock of Cimcorp Oy of Ulvila, Finland (hereinafter, Cimcorp) from the existing shareholders, and Cimcorp and its subsidiaries have become members of the Muratec Group.

Muratec and Cimcorp are leading companies in their respective business fields in the material handling system industry throughout the world. Muratec is ranked as having the 4th highest annual sales in the world amongst solution providers for material handling systems, and Cimcorp is the top supplier for intralogistics in the tire industry and has unique solutions for a variety of retail and distribution customers. 

With this acquisition, both companies will be able to offer customers the systems for which they are already well known and the full advantage of the attractive, complementary systems of both Muratec and Cimcorp. From now on, the Muratec-Cimcorp Group can truly be a one-stop-shop. 

Both Muratec and Cimcorp will continue their businesses as independent companies as they have done until today. 

"Muratec and Cimcorp have complementary solutions and capabilities that will help us strengthen our market position," stated Martti Artama, President of Cimcorp Oy. "The acquisition combines Cimcorp’s experience and competence in robotic solutions with Muratec’s warehouse automation technology." 

Starting immediately, both companies will utilize possibilities to enhance service coverage utilizing the networks both companies have established globally, targeting best-in-class service performance to our customers. "For the future, we aim to introduce new innovations for various manufacturing and distribution industries by integrating the experience and knowhow that both Muratec and Cimcorp have developed. We are convinced that we can bring forward very compelling offers and high return for our customers’ investments." 

About Murata Machinery

Murata Machinery was established in 1935. It has expanded its fields to textile machines, machine tools, material handling systems, communication equipment, and factory automation for clean rooms, and now has 6,300 group employees and more than 1.6 billion euros annual sales (as of March, 2014).

The business unit that is the counterpart of Cimcorp, the Logistics & Automation Division, was started in 1962. It has delivered 6,000 systems to approximately 5,000 customers in various industries in over 20 countries.

About Cimcorp

Cimcorp Group - which consists of Cimcorp Oy and Cimcontracting Oy in Finland and RMT Robotics Ltd in Canada - has become a leading supplier worldwide to the tire industry, and is also strong as a supplier to the food & beverage and postal services sectors. The group has today around 300 employees and has delivered 2000 robotic systems to 40 countries across five continents. 

More information

Martti Artama, President of Cimcorp Oy 
phone +358 10 277 2410 

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