Cimcorp to launch new high speed monorail transfer at Tire Technology Expo

Cimcorp Headquarters

Cimcorp has developed a new improved version of its monorail transfer system for green tire processing in tire plants. The new Cimcorp+ series model – twice as fast as the previous version – will be presented live at the show in Cologne in February 2015.

Typically applied for transferring green tires from the building machines to an automatic green tire buffer and from there to the curing presses, the monorail transfer operates above the machines, leaving the floor area free. This allows operators and maintenance personnel free access to the presses. 

As the tire industry is aiming for more and more automated processes, being fast and accurate simultaneously is becoming crucial. The new system has been developed according to customer feedback, as a joint effort between Cimcorp’s specialists from various fields of engineering. Although the launch of the novel version is scheduled for February, the first new generation monorail transfer systems are already being assembled at different tire plants, and will become operational at the beginning of 2015. During 2014 and 2015, almost 50 monorail carriers will be delivered and installed at various customers’ premises for both PCR and TBR green tire processes. 

The system can be installed in two different ways, depending on the number and processing time of the building machines and curing presses that the system needs to serve. If the process can be carried out using one or two carriers, the rail is typically installed for back-and-forth movement whereas if the need for green tire feed is greater than this, the rail is normally installed as a loop. 

To offer even more benefits for tire manufacturers, the Cimcorp+ high-speed monorail transfer system is designed to work as part of Cimcorp’s Dream Factory concept – a solution for efficient automation through the whole tire manufacturing and distribution process. Using modern robotic technology for handling, storage and picking, the Dream Factory is designed to automate the material flow from the raw materials area to the finished tire loading dock. 

Since management of the green tire flow to the curing area has a significant impact on a tire plant’s output, Cimcorp’s automatic solutions manage the lot sizes of the building machines, minimize green tire buffer stocks, and provide just-in-time supply of tires from building to curing. This way, the automatic systems ensure 100% tire availability to keep the curing presses operating. As the latest addition to Cimcorp’s Dream Factory concept, the Cimcorp+ high-speed monorail transfer system further adds to increased productivity and smooth flow of operations at the tire plant. 

Visit Cimcorp's stand no. 1011 at Tire Technology Expo, Feb 10-12, 2015!

Watch a video about Cimcorp high speed monorail transfer system.

Cimcorp to launch new high speed monorail transfer at Tire Technology Expo
Fastest monorail transfer system for green tires


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