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When freshness matters - Cimcorp’s robotic solutions provide advanced control over the order picking and fulfillment of fresh food products, which are often subject to strict sell-by dates.

Today’s consumers live in an age of convenience. They now expect more product options and, most importantly, faster deliveries. For manufacturers, distributors and retailers, meeting these expectations can be a challenge, especially if their facilities are ill-equipped to keep up.

Combining buffer storage and order picking into one seamless operation, the Cimcorp MultiPick solution can handle a variety of standard crates, bins, trays and totes with rapid speed, 100-percent order accuracy, optimal use of space and improved labor savings.

By implementing the Layer Pick system, manufacturers, distributors and retailers can employ just-in-time order picking, increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, eliminate errors and ensure traceability as products move throughout the warehouse or distribution center.

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