Keeps your material flowing

Our proven Warehouse Control System (WCS) manages Cimcorp's fast-moving, real-time, robotic handling operations in order to optimize material flows and meet tight, JIT deadlines.

Cimcorp's WCS provides an unbroken chain of control from individual robot movements, through material flow, to interfaces with a variety of interconnected systems.

Optimized processes

Developed specifically for the tire industry, the WCS manages all automated equipment and key functions, such as receiving product from upstream processes, routing tires to the robots and sorting tires by SKU, while maintaining FIFO inventory management.

The software also controls the storage and buffering operation, dynamically adjusting floor areas to optimize the use of space, and organizing process execution. Easy-to-use graphical user interfaces assist operators by showing the real-time status of the system, including inventory visibility, giving full control over WIP.


What if your tire plant…

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