Complete data management and traceability

Our intelligent Manufacturing Execution System (MES) keeps record of all manufacturing data from raw materials through mixing, compounding, component manufacturing, tire-building, curing, testing, and warehousing to shipping.


Cimcorp Dream Factory Software

Full traceability with a MES

Cimcorp’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) offers comprehensive data management for each step of manufacturing and distribution processes. Recording information such as batch numbers, operators, weights, processing times and test results ensures accurate product tracking at the individual tire level and 100% traceability. The MES also uses this information for In-Process Verification, ensuring that the right raw materials or products are delivered to the correct processing and testing machines.

Cimcorp Dream Factory Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Tailored to meet your needs

With core software modules used in every project, stability and reliability are guaranteed. However, we know that each plant is unique, so we use our considerable system integration experience across several industries to deliver tailored solutions to meet your needs.


What if your tire plant…

We can make your plant more efficient. Contact us for further information.

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