Green tire processing

As the throughput of the curing presses determines the ultimate production capacity of the tire plant, keeping the presses curing is paramount.

Cimcorp Dream Factory creates an optimal buffer of green tires between the building machines and the curing presses, optimizing material flow into the presses and eliminating unnecessary waiting time. Our systems create 100% tire availability at the curing presses to ensure maximum press utilization. This is achieved by integrating buffer store and transfer systems under the control of Cimcorp’s Warehouse Control System (WCS).

Optimize green tire storage

The core element in driving efficiency in the process phase is the curing buffer (also called green tire storage). Our buffer solution achieves a high storage capacity and can handle a wide range of stock-keeping units (SKUs) simultaneously. Green tires are automatically and individually loaded onto a universal tire pallet and then picked up by the gantry robot. The dynamic storage system optimizes the floor space under the robot.

High-speed monorail transfers
for press delivery

Monorail transfers are the most efficient way to load the curing presses, by automatically collecting green tires from the curing buffer and depositing them on the press-loading tables.  The monorail transfer systems are fast, accurate and – by running above most operations – leave the factory layout uncluttered, ensuring excellent access to the curing presses at all times.

Ensure complete traceablity

Cimcorp’s control system – which integrates with both manufacturing execution (MES) and warehouse management (WCS) – controls the storage and the flow between tire building and curing, while maintaining first in, first out (FIFO) inventory control.

It’s imperative to trace and track each tire’s path throughout the facility and as it is picked to meet a curing press’ product orders. A WCS provides complete traceability through the process from picking through the curing presses and out to storage by trench conveyor. The data gathered includes this history, as well as the required parameters from the building and curing process.

Increase opportunities with
a smaller footprint

In existing facilities where there is insufficient space for monorail transfers, intelligent mobile robots or AGVs may be used instead. Precise spotting and bead-to-bead dimension stretching can be integrated into the loading sequence.

Less WIP

Increased productivity
by 5-10%

Controlled and simplified material flow, resulting in smaller green tire buffers, less Work in Process (WIP) and 100% utilization of curing presses.

100% Tire Availability


100% tire availability at the presses ensures higher throughput for the curing process. Cimcorp’s WCS controls all automated equipment and manages receiving from upstream processes for just in time (JIT) operations.

Total Control of Material Flow


Tire data is managed by Cimcorp’s control system, with data on every tire recorded at each stage of the production process. This visibility creates total control of the material flow.


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