SPONSORSHIP APPLICATION — Finland location only

Collaboration with Cimcorp

In all of Cimcorp's collaboration and sponsorship contracts, the focus is on involvement with activities related to the four C’s that are our values. 1. Community 2. Creative 3. Caring 4. Conscientious We want to connect with the local community, be creative, care for our tribe and conscientiously support environmental sustainability.

We make decisions on collaborations oncea year in February. Decisions are not made outside of this process, so please fill in the details with care.

We do not sponsor

  • Organizations or teams that conflict with our brand values, ethical principles, or environmental goals
  • Religiously or politically committed groups
  • We sponsor individual sports and individual sports teams only in exceptional cases. So align with your organization and make the application together.

Apply for sponsorship

Please fill in the form carefully. All fields are mandatory and help your application move forward.

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