Valuable network of skilled project personnel

The supply of demanding robotic systems requires considerable project know-how. At Cimcorp, we have accumulated our project skills over many years, creating a valuable network of project personnel and subcontractors working on our quality built systems.

Project Management Expertise at Cimcorp

Project management expertise at Cimcorp

IPMA logo certificate for project managersCertified project managers

Outstanding project

Outstanding Project Know-how at CimcorpOur project personnel have decades of experience implementing projects at an international level, and each project team is specialized in serving the customer base in their own field of expertise. Excellent co-operative skills and knowledge of different cultures gathered over the years have proved to be key factors in successful project management.

Innovative & experienced professionals
at your service

System Integration at CimcorpWe have over 200 engineers at your service in layout design and systems integration as well as mechanical, electrical and software design. These engineering pools are our valuable source of experience, innovation, and technical know-how.

A wide range of specialists
for all your needs

Best Team at CimcorpFor each customer project we form a team consisting of a project manager, software project manager, and mechanical, electrical and software designers. The team includes specialists from subsystem suppliers when needed.

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