Transformation services

We believe that each of our installed systems represents a long-term commitment to the automation of our customer's operations. Over time, the needs of the system may change as our customers' operations change.

Beyond support, repair, and replacement, our Customer Support works together with our customers over the long term to engage in projects designed to modernize aging equipment, expand capacity, or relocate equipment to other facilities.

Upgrades, spare parts and modernizations

New opportunities brought by new technologies, new functions, performance requirements, alterations to production, and safety regulations often require system modernization. A partnership approach to your intralogistics allows us to analyze the changing needs of your business and propose ways to modernize or upgrade your system.

As a customer-oriented organization, modernizations are based on collaboration between ourselves and the customer. Our in-depth understanding and knowledge of the system together with experience of other modernization projects will give you the best solution available.

Whenever needed, you can order both special Cimcorp parts designed for Cimcorp equipment only and any other commercial parts you may require.

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