Maintenance services

Our skilled System Support personnel are always available for our customers. We provide different levels for maintenance, offering the perfect fit for your particular needs. Through us you will receive full training during the commissioning phase and as required for new staff.

24/7 Connection to Cimcorp System Support

Preventative maintenance 

Tailored preventive maintenance program to suit the needs of your application.


  • Fully customized
  • 24/7 help desk
  • Remote system access
  • Preventative maintenance visits

Outsource Maintenance by Cimcorp

Outsource maintenance 

Outsource the operational support for your system to us. We provide full-time engineering expertise at your site, allowing you to focus on your business.


  • On-site technicians anywhere in the world
  • Perform repairs
  • Rapidly return equipment to full operating conditions
  • Monitoring equipment

Corrective Maintenance by Cimcorp

Corrective maintenance 

When you need a spare part or repair maintenance, our experts are there for you.


  • Toll free help desk
  • VPN system access
  • Real time from computer to computer
  • Reviewing alarms
  • Analyzing
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Repair and reset operating system regardless of location
  • On-site technical support performing repairs
  • Rapidly returning equipment to full operating conditions
  • Monitoring equipment as it returns to full capacity

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