Higher system throughput and faster deliveries

Our tray handling solutions have been developed for material handling tasks in mail sorting centers. The integrated tray handling, sorting and sequencing manage the mail flow during processing.

Optimal process flow

The fully automatic tray handling solution has a seamless interface to production planning. Better overview of the process gives limitless opportunities to process development, while optimized process flow enables rapid final sweeping and fast vehicle loading.

With vast experience in logistics automation, we can design, install and support a total solution including the robotics, conveyors, material flow control and systems integration.

Shorter handling times and maximum utilization of process machines result in higher system throughput and faster deliveries.



Postal Minimized Machine Idle Time Between Passes

Minimized machine idle time between passes

Our Tray Sequencer is designed to organize trays optimally between the first and second passes of the flat-sorting machines. The system is based on the Cimcorp 3D Shuttle robotic innovation, which offers 100% sequencing, larger batches and longer running periods.

Integrated Handling, Sorting and Sequencing Cimcorp

Integrated handling, sorting and sequencing

The key components of our tray handling systems are the gantry-type robots, which store and sort trays of mail in stacks placed directly on the floor. They operate as a buffer storage area between mail acceptance and the sorting machines, as well as between the sorting machines and dispatch. The robots also take care of tray sequencing for sorting machines.

Tray Handling Solutions for Mail Processing

Cimcorp’s tray handling solutions for mail processing include:

  • Robotic systems for tray sorting and sequencing.
  • High-speed conveyor loops for tray transportation.
  • Dolly loading and unloading.
  • Total material flow control from tray registration to dolly loading through warehouse control system.

Watch a video interview with Staffan Strömhage, project manager at Posten Meddelande AB, that explains the automation of the Hallsberg sorting center in Sweden.

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