Rick Trigatti appointed as Cimcorp Automation's new CEO

Aug 12, 2015
Cimcorp North America

Former CEO Doug Pickard's retires from Cimcorp Automation Ltd. after leading the company, which he co-founded as RMT Robotics Ltd in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada, for nearly 35 years. His successor, Operations Manager Rick Trigatti, will expand his current responsibilities by stepping into the role of president of the company's North American subsidiary. The transition was effective as of june 29.

After founding the company to introduce robotics and machine vision into the automotive industry, Pickard led the development of large, high-speed gantries that allow customers to sort, store and pick a large number of SKUs at very high rates. He also introduced ADAM, a mobile robot that can navigate autonomously outside of a staged laboratory environment, into industrial environments.

Rick Trigatti, North America president, Cimcorp said, "I am excited to step into this new leadership role and help Cimcorp continue its quest to establish itself as global supplier of world-class order fulfillment and tire handling solutions."

With the recent union of Cimcorp's Finland head quarters and Cimcorp Automation Ltd. under a single brand umbrella, the global company now offers one suite of solutions across the worldwide manufacturing and distribution landscape. Through flexible, data-driven solutions, the company works to improve energy and operational efficiencies, productivity, speed and capabilities of its systems. 

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