Peak performance for mail processing presented at Post-Expo

Sep 07, 2011
Cimcorp Headquarters

Robotic handling technology is revolutionizing sorting centers, enabling mail operators to deal with peaks easily and enjoy competitive advantage.

As the growth in digital communication and the liberalization of mail markets put increasing pressure on postal operators, automation of the handling, buffer storage and sorting of trays of mail can play a vital role in improving efficiency and reducing costs. 

Cimcorp's innovative solution for the handling and sorting of trays of mail is based on robotic technology. Intelligent robots operate on an overhead gantry to store and sort trays of mail in stacks placed directly on the floor. 

Robotic handling is very fast, totally accurate and extremely versatile. As in many applications that need to handle and sort trays, this technology is ideal for the postal sector and secures a number of significant advantages: rapid final sweepingmore efficient processingfast vehicle loading and improved control. There is alsopotential for higher system capacity through the intelligent production planning by the customer. 

Many of Cimcorp's clients value the fact that Cimcorp can provide the total solution – taking care of design, installation and support for the robots and conveyors, as well as the material flow control and systems integration. 

Of course, automation is nothing new in mail processing and distribution in most countries, with LSM and FSM systems relied upon as essential workhorses in modern sorting facilities. What is often missing, however, is an efficient tray-handling system to link the mail acceptance, sorting and dispatch areas. At the moment many operators use conventional sorting and storage techniques for handling trays of mail, with a lot of tasks still performed manually. This often includes the labor-intensive lifting of trays back and forth between trolleys and sorting stations, and even checking of trolley contents for errors before delivery vehicles are loaded. These operations are clearly uneconomic, as well as unergonomic.

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Cimcorp presents Peak performance for mail processing

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