Tire-handling robots are now up to 25 per cent faster

Oct 02, 2007
Cimcorp Headquarters

Continued product development by Cimcorp has resulted in increases in the speed of operation of its tire robots of up to 25 per cent.

The improvements are the result of both new gripping technology and development in servo control of the gantry robot.

Developed in response to feedback from customers who wanted to see faster handling speeds, the new robots are not only quicker but also smoother. The benefits to customers are significant – fewer robots are needed to perform the same tasks, resulting in dramatically lower investment costs.
Advancing technology has enabled more efficient control of gantry robots, with all robot axes now being servo-controlled. In addition, the robots can handle a wider range of tire sizes than before, again improving customers’ productivity.

Cimcorp's faster tire robots can be used in various phases of production for the handling of finished tires and the first of the new robot models have already been installed. The new gripping technology can also be used in tire stackers and destackers.

For more information please contact our sales personnel.

Cimcorp Tire-handling robots are now up to 25 per cent faster

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