New development for tyre factories - storage robot MBR700-TP

Oct 13, 2005
Cimcorp Headquarters

TyrePick robot portfolio expands: New storage robot MBR700-TP meets performance demands from tyre industry.

The TyrePick concept developed by Cimcorp has proved ideal for the automation needs of the tyre industry. The basic ideas and software structure of robotics technology are sound, but there is always room to improve the efficiency and operational reliability of the solutions. The latest robot is the brand-new MBR700-TP.

The MBR700-TP is lighter and faster than earlier robots. Lightness has been achieved with a single-beam bridge construction and a new gripper construction. Speed can be seen in improved acceleration values and therefore higher handling capacities can be achieved. Optimizing the main modules of the MBR700-TP robot has enabled more effective utilization of product storage and handling space in relation to the space taken by the robot.

As a package, the MBR700-TP offers the customer a better price-capacity ratio and thus improved productivity. The robot is suitable for all the buffering needs of the tyre industry. However, the powerful MBR800 robots can be used for extremely large loads.

The first of the new warehouse robots are being supplied to the St Petersburg plant of Nokian Tyres in two buffer storage cells, which take care of handling the tyres between production and testing machines. The robots receive the tyres from production, sort them into product stacks in the buffer storage and collect the batches that are required for the testing machines. The MBR700-TP robots can function completely independently in the buffer storage, and also if required they can replace each other and work in another working area according to production needs.

Cimcorp TyrePick robot MBR700
The MBR700-TP is lighter and faster than earlier robots.

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