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MultiPick Case for order picking of cardboard cases

Mar 11, 2005
Cimcorp Headquarters

Cimcorp has developed a new version of the MultiPick gripper: MultiPick® Case

MultiPick, developed for the order picking of plastic crates, grips the crates by their handles. The collected crates thus form a stack inside the MultiPick gripper.
The same technology cannot however be used for cardboard cases, because the handles of the lowest case cannot bear the weight of the whole stack.
Fire hose is used in the new MultiPick Case cardboard gripper, which squeezes the cases using air pressure so that they stay in place in the gripper.

Not only does this technique direct pressure onto the lowest case, but each case is held in place separately. Plastic crates can also be handled with the same gripper construction.

Tests made on the customers’ cardboard cases have shown that for this to succeed the cases must be stackable and of sufficient dimensional accuracy (+/- 0.5 - 1 cm). Unbroken, dry cardboard cases also seem to withstand stacking very well, since they are strong at the corners.

Innovation extending the market area

This gripper innovation enables the application of the MultiPick order picking concept to new areas. Cardboard cases are used especially in the distribution of bakery products, fruit and vegetables. These order picking systems are also based largely on MultiPick robotics and control technology. This new gripper unit, specially developed for cardboard cases, is now speeding up development in this direction.

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