Meeting global traceability standards

Aug 30, 2011
Cimcorp Headquarters

Cimcorp's MultiPick system tracks product movement from warehouse to consumer without the additional investment required for barcode or RFID tracking.

As new track and trace legislation moves into the global food supply chain, manufacturers and distributors need traceability solutions to meet compliance challenges. Material handling automation is the key to effectively managing the workload and accuracy requirements. Cimcorp’s MultiPick fully automated robotic gantry with its advanced warehouse control system (WCS) ensures crate-level product traceability, from production all the way to the consumer.

If there is a product recall, it is easy to trace shipments back to the source by accessing MultiPick’s securely stored tracking data tables.

Here’s how it works - the MultiPick WCS integrates seamlessly with the WMS, providing real-time reporting on task status including goods receiving, buffering, picking, replenishment, order consolidation, palletizing, loading and dispatch. The Cimcorp order fulfillment software handles order management, and maintains all vital tracking data including product and batch numbers with total accuracy.

MultiPick applications include dairy operations, fresh food distribution as well as pre-baked and fresh-baked wholesale bakeries, snack food operations, candy, manufacturing and ingredients distribution. 

Our order processing system at Dairy Show

Cimcorp's order processing solution MultiPick is featured at Dairy Show in Atlanta, US, on September 19-21, 2011, by our subsidiary RMT Robotics on their booth no. 1831

For more information on Cimcorp’s MultiPick please contact our sales.

Cimcorp order processing system at Dairy Show

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