'Dream factory' ensures full control and traceability

Oct 07, 2014
Cimcorp Headquarters

The installation and start-up of Cimcorp’s robotic material handling systems made full tracking and tracing of tires possible at one of Russia’s largest tire plants

Three years ago Cordiant decided to invest in Cimcorp’s Dream Factory solution at the Yaroslavl Tyre Plant. As well as the robotic material handling system from Cimcorp, the company invested in new production machinery in order to increase capacity for modern all-steel truck tires up to 650,000 units a year. 

The Dream Factory concept provides total material flow, from tire building to tire finishing and storage in the warehouse. 

The Cimcorp system, now full in production, receives green tires from the building machines and conveys them to the spraying area, where Cimcorp’s linear robot loads and unloads the spraying station. Green tires are then conveyed to the curing buffer, which is operated by Cimcorp’s gantry robots. From here, Cimcorp’s monorail transfer system delivers the green tires to the curing presses. Cured tires are then conveyed to the finishing area where more gantry robots sort and store finished tires and serve the finishing machines. Tires are then conveyed from the finishing area to the warehouse, ready for delivery to customers. 

All operations – by the robots, conveyors and process machines – are integrated by Cimcorp’s WCS (Warehouse Control System) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to provide a continuous flow through this part of the group’s flagship factory. This computer control takes care of tire data management, recipe management and tracking, as well as ensuring the critical 100% availability of green tires at the curing presses. 

About Cordiant

The OJSC ‘Orders of Lenin and October Revolution’ Yaroslavl Tyre Plant, founded in 1932, is the largest tire plant in the central region of Russia. Part of the Cordiant Group, the factory produces tires under the brand names of ‘Cordiant’ for passenger car tires and ‘TyRex’ and ‘Cordiant Professional’ for all-steel truck tires. The Cordiant Group (formerly Sibur-Russian Tyres) is one of the biggest tire-manufacturing companies in Eastern Europe.

Cimcorp 'Dream factory' ensures full control and traceability
The gantry robots operating in the green tire buffer ensure that each curing press has always a new green tire waiting when the curing process of the previous one is finished

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