Development of the eco robot series continues

May 10, 2012
Cimcorp Headquarters

The Cimcorp+ robot concept launched on the market in 2010 has been a great success. The first MBR700+ robots, more energy-efficient, more environment-friendly and with superior performance, are already out in the world. Development of other robots in the series is ongoing.

The MBR700+ gantry robot is especially appropriate for the tire industry for the buffering, sorting, and palletizing of PCR and LTR tires. Equipment that is one degree stronger, the MBR800, is required for TBR tires, and currently a new, more eco-efficient gantry robot is being developed in the Cimcorp+ series. The MBR800+ is also a core component of plastic crate order picking systems in distribution centers. 

The MBR410+ (press loader), the MBR300+ (monorail transfer) and the MBR400+ (linear robot) tailored for the tire industry are also on the list for development. The entire original Cimcorp MBR series will be raised gradually to a new level. The aim is for more performance and lower energy consumption. The equipment includes the same mechanical components and constructions, which are as light and maintenance-free as possible. 

The Cimcorp+ controller developed for the robot series has already been used on several projects. It enables the attainment of the required performance level with smaller drives and braking energy can be returned to the network. The interactive robot interface is being developed continuously to guide users better than previously in operating situations.

Development of the Cimcorp eco robot series continues
40% lower energy consumption and 30% higher performance are the benefits of the smart energy miracles Cimcorp+ robots

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