Cimcorp presents automatic solutions for eco labeling at Tire Technology Expo

Feb 06, 2012
Cimcorp Headquarters

Eco-label will be mandatory for tire markets this year. Cimcorp has developed several alternative solutions for automatic labeling of tires.

The European Commission’s Ecolabel program will expand during 2012 to include the tire industry. In practice, at the beginning of November all tires manufactured for normal use should bear markings in accordance with the standards concerning frictional properties (which affects fuel consumption), wet grip (which affects safety), and the external rolling noise of the tire. Even though the regulations do not come into force officially until November 2012, action has to be taken regarding new tires well before that, since the official labeling requirements concern all tires manufactured after the first of July. 

According to Cimcorp’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Kai Tuomisaari, the eco-labeling process is easy to automate. In Cimcorp’s solutions the grade of automation is adaptable and the system can be applied for the desired production phase. 

“An automatic labeling system can be installed at the tire plant either as a new, independent cell, or it can be integrated flexibly in the existing automation system. Once installed, the system identifies the tire and attaches the right label to it just before loading onto the delivery vehicle.”

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