Cimcorp launches a new tray sequencer at Post-Expo

Sep 04, 2012
Cimcorp Headquarters

Cimcorp will present at Post-Expo a brand-new solution, which sequences trays for flat-sorting machines in order to achieve maximum machine utilization.

The sorting of mail is undoubtedly a very complex and time-consuming task. The numerous processing stages at a typical sorting facility may be manual or automated, with the use of technologies such as letter-sorting machines (LSMs), flat-sorting machines (FSMs) and parcel sorters.

The new solution is Cimcorp’s Tray Sequencer, designed to organize trays optimally between the first and second passes of the flat-sorting machines. The Tray Sequencer features a design innovation – the 3D Shuttle™ – that was launched by Cimcorp earlier this year. Initially developed for the grocery distribution business, the company has now adapted its 3D Shuttle™ technology for the postal sector. 

Advantages of the robotic sequencing

Cimcorp's tray sequencing solution handle peak periods extremely well, it is fast, accurate and efficient. Minimizing machine idle time between passes, Cimcorp’s all new tray sequencer can raise the mail dispatching productivity to a whole new level. With less than one minute between passes, the system can guarantee maximum utilization of sorting machines, giving you an advantage no one else in the market can offer.
The new system guarantees maximum utilization of the flat-sorting machines. “With the time between the end of the first pass and the start of the second reduced to less than a minute,” explains Timo Rajakangas, “the Tray Sequencer virtually eliminates idle time for the FSMs.” In addition to that sequencing of trays as they are stored, or reorganizing them during idle times, ensures 100% sequencing, which speeds up tray retrieval significantly. Any tray can be retrieved rapidly and in the right sequence when required. 

For more info please visit our stand 4120 at Post-Expo or write to

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Cimcorp launches a new tray sequencer
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