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Cimcorp maintains this library of white papers as a resource for in-depth information about the fully automated handling solution for tire manufacturing and distribution and logistics automation solutions for order picking and order fulfillment in consumer goods market.

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White paper - Resilience for tomorrow

Resilience for tomorrow -
how to future-proof your warehouse operations

Discover effective strategies and technologies for improving your facility's adaptability, scalability and flexibility.

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White paper - Warehouse automation - built for speed

Warehouse automation -
built for speed

Discover innovative ways to accelerate order fulfillment and logistics operations, through warehouse automation built to meet the need for speed.

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The four benefits of an automated warehouse

In nearly every industry, companies are suffering from labor shortages. These year-round shortages hit especially hard during a business’ peak period–those times of the year when sales spike and orders keep flooding in.

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White paper - Safe and sound through automation

Safe and sound through automation

Labor shortage continues to be a major challenge for warehouses and distribution centers around the world. These shortages put an especially heavy strain on manual facilities, where employees need to work harder and faster to fulfill orders, which unfortunately poses significant health and safety risks.

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White paper - A fresh take on food distribution

A fresh take on food distribution

With growing challenges related to consumer demand, seasonality and product freshness, many facilities are struggling to keep up the speed.

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Automated layer picking and AS/RS: A robust, robotic combination

Today, a growing number of organizations are turning to automation and robotics to improve their operations and cut costs.

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White paper How to stay competitive with your tire plant

How to stay competitive with your tire factory

Download our white paper to uncover effective strategies and technologies for updating your Brownfield into modernized tire plant.

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White paper The next era of tire distribution

The next era of tire distribution

Read this white paper to  learn the increasing importance of automating order fulfillment in the distribution process for tire manufactures, 3PL’s and retailers.

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White paper Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 and the tire plant of the future

Currently, tire facilities are seeing the net effect of Industry 4.0. Tire manufacturers that have implemented or have their strategies set on modern technologies already stand ahead of their competition.

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