Seminar at ProMat 2017

AS/RS & Automated Layer Picking Systems: A Robust Combination

As more companies embrace robotics and automation as a means of transforming their supply chains, the market will only become more competitive. Therefore, it is an opportune time to consider how integrated automated layer picking systems and AS/RS can enhance your warehousing operations.

Implementing an AS/RS with an automated layer picking solution can have big payouts- if you have two top-of-the-line systems to integrate. Once you understand the pieces of each solution and how they work, it's time to answer the big question: why should you integrate an automated layer picking solution with an AS/RS?


Presented by

Aaron Corcoran - Account Executive Westfalia Technologies, Inc.

Derek Rickard - Distribution Systems Sales Manager Cimcorp Automaton, Ltd. 905-516-7513 (w)

Matt Schaub - Shipping & Receiving Manager Sargento Foods


Read how Automated Layer Picking and AS/RS are a robust combination

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Key takeaways

Understand each technology, their features and functionalities.

Why and how to integrate an automated layer picking system with an AS/RS.

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