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Our robotic solutions are applicable in a variety of handling situations in car manufacturing, such as buffer storages, assembly lines and tire-wheel-assembly (TWA) handling. The systems use gantry robots to combine buffer storage, sorting and picking functions into one flexible operation.

Automotive industry

Customer demands are changing and most car companies now offer a wide range of options to new car buyers, adding significant complexity into manufacturing processes. The number of variations has increased the number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) that need to be held in the supply chain.

Car assembly lines supported by third party logistics providers (3PLs) need to hold stocks of components and ensure delivery to the assembly line to maintain Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery schedules. Because the Cimcorp 3D Shuttle is designed for handling plastic crates and totes, storing a wide range of SKUs and retrieving the required items when they are needed, it is an ideal solution for the automotive industry.

Benefits of Cimcorp 3D Shuttle for car assembly lines

The Cimcorp 3D Shuttle allows for JIT order picking with 100% accuracy and minimum labor requirements. It provides a constant inventory count to production planners enabling model changes to be accomplished with little or no redundant stock write off. The Warehouse Control System (WCS) also gives continuous recording of inventory.

Our solution is industry leading because of the low build costs, no need for racking and sprinkler systems, and low energy consumption and operating costs. Additionally, the system is flexible and expandable, so it can grow with your facility as your needs change or demand increases.

TWA Handling System Enables JIT Automatically - Cimcorp

TWA handling system enables
JIT automatically

According to the production strategies that are based on the Just-In-Time principle also sets of wheels are ordered for the assembly line with only a few hours’ notice. Cimcorp knows how to ensure deliveries in schedule.

Even though fitting a tire onto a rim is highly automated, the collecting of vehicle-specific sets of wheels (front and rear wheels and spare wheel) has largely been done manually. The order from car plant to supplier is sent in real-time and usually no two sets are the same. This is to take into account the different preferences of car buyers regarding tires and rims.

After the assembly line, the Cimcorp robot stores mounted tire-wheel assemblies in a buffer storage to await dispatch to the automobile plant. The system is able to handle hundreds of SKUs (different product items). The robot picks up vehicle-specific wheel stacks from the buffer storage on the basis of orders from the auto plant. The conveyor system delivers the wheel stacks from the gantry robots to the delivery trucks automatically. 

Avoid Penalties, Keep up with Cimcorp

Keeping to schedule by automation

Automobile plants usually supply their subcontractors with weekly forecasts of the sets of wheels they will require. The only problem is that the order of deliveries is not defined in advance. Wheels are ordered for cars on the assembly line only a few hours before they are fitted. Subcontractors incur substantial penalties for late or incorrect deliveries.

Cimcorp’s robot system enables the more efficient manufacture of larger series ready for storage according to the weekly forecast. When the final order comes through, the gantry robot takes the right sets of wheels from storage and delivers them to the loading dock in the right sequence via conveyor. Keeping to schedule is one of the definite strengths of Cimcorp’s system. Gantry robots work untiringly and do not make mistakes; they are quick and can handle even the heaviest car tire-wheel assemblies with ease.

Cimcorp’s revolutionary order fulfillment solution is designed to meet the requirement of today’s retail and distribution sectors for smaller order-processing windows and thereby increased sales. The simple, scalable and movable robotic system is easy to install and maintain, which results in a rapid return on investment (ROI). We get more out of less.

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