Our mission

As the pioneers of automated solutions for intralogistics, we simplify our customers’ material flows.

Clear core values — Our four C’s

Cimcorp Core Value Nro 1Community oriented

We drive our own passion. We appreciate lean hierarchy, openness and no-nonsense attitude. We are the heart of the company – talented and passionate, yet down to earth.

Cimcorp Core Value Nro 2Creative

We understand and respect each customer’s business. Thinking outside of the box allows us to create the simplest, most effective solutions. More out of less is our winning mantra.


Cimcorp Core Value Nro 3Caring

We are fast, flexible and fierce about solving our customers’ needs. Sometimes we may challenge a customer’s perspective, but it’s because we care. We use our competence and expertise for our customer’s best interest.

Cimcorp Core Value Nro 4Conscientious

Our roots are in the wild nature of the north; we appreciate the beauty of nature. We believe it is our responsibility both locally and globally to develop solutions that support sustainability and make the least environmental impact possible.

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