Efficient order fullfillment solutions

Our order fulfillment solutions are an efficient combination of proven robotics technology and intelligent software. The key elements of the order picking systems are wide-area gantry robots which can manage a range of operations including buffer storage of goods arriving from production or goods-in, sorting and sequencing of products requiring processing, order picking, delivery scheduling, load planning and order release.

With a modular, overhead gantry design, our robotic solutions can cover large working areas. Any number of robots – each equipped with grippers designed specifically for handling the particular unit load – can be employed, according to the throughput demands of the application. Our robotic installations range from simple systems to complex solutions.

Computer control

Our Warehouse Control System (WCS) supervises the required warehouse functions, including control of the order picking and material flow. The WCS system – which features an intuitive Graphic User Interface – always operates under the customer’s host system, from which it receives all relevant data such as products, order lines, volumes, priorities and dispatch deadlines. The WCS can also control consolidation and dispatch planning so that orders are sent to the shipping dock in reverse drop sequence, ready for loading into delivery vehicles.

Cimcorp’s revolutionary order fulfillment solution is designed to meet the requirement of today’s retail and distribution sectors for smaller order-processing windows and thereby increased sales. The simple, scalable and movable robotic system is easy to install and maintain, which results in a rapid return on investment (ROI). We get more out of less.

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